Thursday, October 26, 2006

motorised caravan!

greetings one and all, thought a picture of the car (or motorised caravan as someone put it!!) was due. actually looks quite clean, but very rarely like that! we have a special gift of punctures as we have now had 4 in as many weeks! well at least that is something i can do on a car!
joel yesterday saw an eagle flying over the house with a rabbit, very cool, but why don't you ever have a camera when you need one! now that woulsd have looked impressive on the blog, never mind!
bye for now......

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


hi there, sorry for no news, no power the last few days, so food going off and no ability to charge anything!! at least we ate well!! but hooray it came back yesterday (monday!)
had suprise friends drop in on friday (john and shelia wastie!!) very exciting, so good to see them and we spent a good few hours together, Ed is here and has built a swing and is now in the middle of constructing a see saw! we have also discussed black holes! well he is a physicist(is that a right spelling?
keep on blogging!!