Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Baby Silas...

Hello, one and all!! couple of weeks ago i mentioned that we were having baby Silas over for the weekend, hence the picture, we had a great time and he only woke up 2 or 3 times in the night!! i forgot what that was like! Joel and anya really enjoyed ~silas being around. Silas is part of the baby house here, where at the moment they have 9 babies ranging from3 monts up to 3 years, these babies have either all been abandoned or their parents have died. the baby house is looking for upto 30 sponsers for the house to support the babies and everything they need and at this point they have 15!! sponsership is $30/month.
lot of rain the last few days, but still no sign of christmas decorations, tree or's quite nice really...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ugandan barbie...

The other night we had a "camp fire" in our garden, where we roasted pork on sticks, very nice, some were a little over done!! but it was a barbie so black on the outside and pink in the middle is what you expect!! then for pudding we demonstrated the culinary delight of toasted marshmallows!! a mixed response would be safe to say!! great fire though.
puncture no.7!! yesterday, so new tyres for us i think!
lots of rain today so we've had great fun making mud pies, great fun and i trhink anya is an expert!!


Friday, November 10, 2006

...Big Bang!!

..the big Bang!!

well the other day, there we are driving along one of our fine roads here with a car full, when suddenly there's a huge BANG, what's that i thought, we've just been shot!! but no..... the back side window had just exploded inwards!! all over one of our friends, it was all very exciting and now our car has a black plastic bag for a window!! very attractive looking!!
hope you like the picture, yet another chameleon pet but this one was very big and if i'm honest a little scary!! he has wandered off now...
this weekend we have one of the little babies (Silas) who is 3 months coming over, so that should be fun, to be reminded of sleepless nights and nappies etc...
bye for now....

Friday, November 03, 2006


hi one and all, thought would send you at least one of our "playground" courtesy of Ed, what a clver chap he is!! he's just returned from sudan, had a good time.
the swing is cool (oops the font has gone smaller and now bold!!) ah still bold oh never mind! picture of seesaw next time, as this is taking an age to load.
favourite film ever? what would it be?
bye for now