Wednesday, April 27, 2011


..We've been back in England for nearly a month, so probably time to note down some things! It's great to be back, but does feel very different to last time we were back as this feels like we are visiting and will be returning home to Uganda in July. At the moment we are with my parents enjoying some beautiful sunshine, that we have even ventured to the beach, we did try going in the water but was a step too far! It was very different for our first few days in Derby as it felt freezing, Kathryn took the kids to school on the first morning with flip flops on and some very kind friends took pity on her and managed to find some proper shoes, jumpers and trousers! The kids are enjoying being in school and catching up with old friends, Silas and Anya particularly like the idea of taking your lunch to school!
Our first weekend back was at "home" in Derby at a church weekend which was excellent and a great time visiting with friends. On Saturday we head back to Derby and looking forward to catching up with friends. Since we were last back, the roads have all seemed to change in Derby, so sometime you could see us driving round in circles wondering where we are or where or where we should be!
Joel and i have taken up running to try and stay in some sort of shape..will let you know what happens.