Wednesday, May 20, 2009


.....anybody who knows me, knows i'm not the biggest fan of meetings..and that could be putting it mildly!! But as in most things things are a little different in Africa!! Yes we have meetings but at least we can meet outside under a tree etc...the good thing about this is that constantly through the meeting we are always on the move to keep out the even though at the beginning of the meeting the circle is nice and big soon know if its a long meeting as by the end the circle is very small and you are nearly sitting on each other laps!! The other one, which also happened yesterday afternoon was you set up outside and everything starts ok..and then out of nowhere the rain comes and its a mad
dash to the nearest shelter!! So sometimes even meetings can be entertaining!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

..sound of music

...yesterday was a very exciting day for us all...New Hope have released our first cd (wonderous love)'s been along time coming but it has certainly been well worth the wait....Grace and our children have done a fantastic job and i may be biased but it is very good...To launch we had singers from Kampala, one of them being particularly famous (well i was told he was!!)...he was very good and got us all dancing and tapping our is available on cd and tape!! and you never know it may be on download very soon!! keep your eye on I tunes...
the internet has improved slightly even though i am typing this 100 metres from my house sitting outside the school trynig to be perfectly still so as to stay online....

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


...Computers don't you love them?.....they can be the best but when they won't do what they are told they can soon become very frustrating..2 weeks ago a team came to make the wireless internet system here better, unfortunately it seemd to suddenly become a whole lot worse and i have not been able to get anywhere near connected for 2 weeks...i am now sitting under the wireless tower and still struggling for it to get connected!!
but i really shouldn't compain as a few years ago you had to go at least 12 miles to make/receive phone the frustration is all relative

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