Saturday, May 15, 2010

...P7 week

Morning all! last week, or was it it the week before? we had our annual P7 week, a week long youth event, for our P7 class, the last year of primary school here and Yr 7 equivalent in Uk.....At the end of your P7 year here in Uganda, the students take their national PLE exams and therefore there is lots of pressure to read and read and read!!
Here at new Hope the traditional P7 week has been running for 16years as a week to 2 chill out, focus on character issues |(life is not all about books!), and looking at what God thinks about them...we spent time playing games, sitting out at camp fires, eating well, planning a p7 trip, throwing water at each other, feeding each other ...lots of the end all exhausted but all agreed it was a fun week, for those who know P7 week, the BLUES won....first time ever since i've done the week...