Sunday, July 27, 2008

..water @ the equator

k, the equator and water going down plug holes...does the water really go down the plug holes different ways down depending where you live, north or south of the equator, or even on it. Uganda is on the equator and at the equator they do a demonstration to show in the north it goes clockwise and in the south anti and on the equator straight down....and it really does!! so for you science people, is it true??(I never was very good at science!!)

...passport fun

passports are wonderful things, but sometimes boy the effort!!! the last few (6-8 months) has been the process of getting Silas a passport, he still needs a Ugandan one. Before you put an application in, you need signatures and letters from so many people (LC 1, 2, 3. Police(special that the Sweeney?, probation etc...but before we could proceed we needed the court order..finally after 2 months that came through, and off we confidently went to the passport office, knowing we had everything we need......until we got there and were told we had 1 letter missing from a commissioner!!!! he wasn't in the office...over the last 2 weeks we have spent a lot of time in kampala and the passport office, kathryn went in for a day and ended up spending 2 nights....during this time she spent a lot of time waiting, waiting and......waiting until she was told they had lost the can imagine our thoughts....but with some help we managed to get a passport (HOORAY!!!!) kathryn even ended up in the strong room where they make now his new passport is in the visa office, and should take 3-15 wor
king days to process, hopefully not 15 as we plan to leave on 7 th August??!!

Monday, July 07, 2008


you learn new things every day they say...well i think i always thought it didn't hail in Africa..but lo and behold last night we had one of the biggest storms i have ever seen and it sounded like stones hitting our tin roof and as you can imagine fairly deafening!! As you can see from the photo they were fairly large and i think probably hurt if they hit you on the head!! to court tomorrow to see if we can encourage the judge to sign the piece of paper....

Sunday, July 06, 2008

well it's been ages, but yes we are all still here, and all alive and well, saw ben and ian the other day, thats for those who know them!. the last few weeks have busy with lots of things have been happening, a few week ago a double wedding which was lots of fun and very long, finally having lunch at 6pm!! one of the couples to marry were 2 former children of New Hope which was very cool. Next weekend is a 20 year celebration as New Hope has been caring for orphans for 20 years, so next weekend is a homecoming with all former children and staff coming to celebrate as one big family, should be fun...I have recently become the expert on Tug of war as we had Sports day at the primary school and i was judge and jury for the tug.....lets say very competitive`. even with one of the mums collapsing at the end of her team pull with over exertion!!
Even though the judge has approved the legal guardianship for Silas, we are still waiting for the paper!! we cannot get his passport without it..and we have booked our tickets back to the Uk, so lets hope and pray the judge gets a move on>>>>