Tuesday, March 27, 2007

....how can you tell..

Hi there, sorry about this but we are back on the chameleon theme.... how do you know which one is male or female?? answers gladly received!! we now have 2 in our ivy bush thing? so maybe baby chameleons to come?? question? how do chameleons have babies?? some say they explode out females stomach and wander off? any ideas??
here is a picture for those concerned about the lack of pictures of anya!! wse have had afew days at the pool, very nice and incredibly hot, and yes you guessed it, sunburn followed!! surely though it's all worth it for a tan?? or is that just me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

..lunch time

sitting on the porch the other day, when i happened to look up an this is what i saw!! it's enough to put you off your lunch, over the next 20 mins we watched as the chameleon slowly swallowed it whole, the thing was as big as him!! when he had finished you could clearly see the gecko in it's stomach, nice!!....well we might be on wireless but it won't let me upload any pics, soory about that, you will just have to imagine the image!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

..against the clock..

..these internet cafe places are tense places to be, so much for having a relaxing time reading and writing emails!! i can't help myself but look at the ticking clock as the minutes count down to zero! i get all tense and everything seems to be on a go slow, except the ticking clock. my mind goes blank and i can't think what to say or what i need to do on the net and still the clock tick down with no mercy....is it just me? or are their others out there?
this weekend at new hope we could be (hopefully) be wireless!!!! wow, no more walking up to the office to plug in!! so maybe this wekend we could be communicating like mad, we will see. they have been building it all week and it is a very impressive set up just looks very complecated if it goes wrong!
anyway here's to the 21st century!! and there goes my ticking clock!!......