Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hi again, 2 in a day, this is to say we were of course very excited by the visit of a team last month from derby, and we had such a good time we had no time to write anything on the blog!! as calvary family are here at the mo. they all say hi and especially to hannah and hannah (nice pic!?) the babies also say hi and thanks for painting our house they are very chuffed, the team made an impression and we are looking forward to their return!!?

it was great to have a lot of famaliar faces and accents and was so normal and of course they bought out essentials such as angel delight, marmite and trifle mix, YUM!!

tried marmite on some of the young people here but suprisingly didn't go down very well??

why is that??

.nice to meet you.

Hello everyone, all well? now handing over to Moses......
hi this is kisakye moses from new hope Uganda.
it has been a blessing to meet the Browns
they are really hard working people,kind,loving
I really thank God for them.

goes to the Browns

I really believe God is blessing the work of your



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

..for those with taste!

hi there, for those who requested it, yes some did, just read the comments!! i know it's difficult to believe.....but here it is, a picture of me!! sorry for the majority who didn't want it! you can't please all the people all the time!!
all well here, kids doing well and enjoying school, still not much rain, or not enough at least! found a tortoise today..but it escaped..i thought they were meant to be slow, but one minute he was here and the next minute he was gone!! but the zoo continues to grow with a spiky and hairy caterpillar living on our porch.
for those utd readers, just to remind you not to get to used to the premier trophy, we'll have it back next year and of course the fa cup this year! any comments??
sorry the computer won't let me put my pic on!! is this a conspiracy or what?