Sunday, November 25, 2007

stuck in the mud

The last couple of days, we have had loads of rain, so everywhere is wet and muddy and some of the roads are difficult to pass. Tonight we were out and getting there was tricky so we thought we would come back another(safer!) way, well it all started very well and no problems....until we hit a straight bit of road, and then we gracefully slid in to a ditch, with our front tyres nicely was 8pm and so dark and no street lights in the bush!! the night sky was impressive though! as we waited for dave to come and help, another friend who was passing also helpp
ed push us out, it did give all the locals a good laugh..we decided it would be better if kathyrn drove the rest of the way home!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 kids!!!

......hello again. kathryn and emma went to a very lovely waterfall - with impressive rainbow effects.
the queen is here!!! Did you know? All of Uganda is very very excited and roads are being closed down as if no one else needs to do anything - a bit tricky as we need to get to the airport on saturday. Well - we will see - ..........I read in the paper today that a fleet of dogs have been hired to 'bite'?! any demonstrators who might interrupt where the queen needs to go.
Hope England survives being queenless!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

a normal sunday.....

..........except for the fact that Emma (Hawley) is here which has added sweetness and joy to the day. Joel is particularly excited because Emma brought him socks! We lent out the car for someone to be taken to the hospital and it has just been returned with no wing mirror and the back brake lights smashed - oops! - luckily we like the person we lent it to. We both fielded 80 children during church......Steve did the running around screaming part and I did the sensible bit (some things never change!).
The biggest thing of note today is that this is the first time that I have ever written on the blog...i am now going to try and attach a picture??!