Monday, October 01, 2012

Julies birthday..

..a local take away and plenty of little gifts ... Julie is now 20.

Jaffa Cakes.

The legacy left by our friendly 14yr old, Jack Norridge - how to peel and stick jaffa cakes to your head!

Summer fun - Emma is here ..

Our friend Emma Sly came to spend time here and do normal life with the Browns - what a brave lady!  We all loved having her around ... she ate ugandan food, had cold showers, slept with the IY girls in the dormitory, and was generally great...

Summer fun ..Jack is here..

Jack Norridge comes to stay ... and now Joel is happy about the summer :
 friends make all the difference!

working at the New Hope fishery ...

supervising building at Aunty Judiths new house ...

..planting seedlings at the Enterprise Farm - New Hope

...and of course compulsory machete wielding practice!

Summer fun ... Silas' birthday

collecting Silas' birthday present - a bike on a bike..!

Using his new basketball and hoop - getting some basketball coaching from Emma who came to stay with us for 3+ weeks...

...and practicing some mean moves in his new Tai Kwondo suit!