Tuesday, November 17, 2009

..such a long time

..yes we are still here and not been sucked into some black hole or a ugandan version of the bermuda triangle!!...still enjoying living and working in the pearl of africa...theres so much to be grateful for and one of these is the rain, though it came late..it is now here and everything is looking helathy and even my car looks a bit cleaner!!...Investment Year is drawing to a close and the last few weeks/months have been busy with one of the highlights being the opportunity to bless a friend of New Hope who had recently been attacked in her room, so we redecorated for her.....Note the special headwear needed for painting in Uganda!!
..Exam season just finished here with our S4(yr11) children doing their O levels, with them now relieved after a year of reading.....reading....reading...now they can catch up on some sleep, i've really enjoyed teaching the life skills once a week..and should be a great group for Investment Year next year. Four children from Calvary family have just completed their PLE, the end of primary school exam you need to pass to go onto to secondary school, lots of pressure then!! they can at least relax now until the results are due!!
...for those interested here are pigs (Tom, Jason, Daisy), when i tell our Ugandan friends our pigs have names it always gets a laugh!!Joel, Anya & Silas are doing well....amasing to think they are in Yr6, and 3 (where does the time go?) Silas also enjoys joining in school, can be a bit of a distraction i think!!