Sunday, December 31, 2006


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! what are you going to be doing and where? please some exciting stories of where you celebrated and how would be cool! don't quite know what we will be doing yet? have been looking after one of the babies this week and that has meant being up in the night!! wonder if i will make midnight?? Anya's cast is off end of this week, hopefully!! she has done very well and been cheerful throughout.
wonder what 2007 will bring.... who knows, a chelsea team who can defend? more car punctures? we will try and keep you infromed,.... have a good one....

Friday, December 22, 2006

happy christmas

Happy Christmas, from Uganda!! here it is either hot or wet!! but as you can see from the picture, we are staying true to a few english traditions! Anya has now got her 3rd plaster on, as the other 2 either went soft or started to fall apart? thge doctor did say it wasn't our fault !! i'm choosing to believe him!!
the christmas tree is huge as you can see, any guesses on it's size?? hope you all have a great christmas and tremendous new year!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


it's been a bit quiet recently, this end, due to problems with the old internet!! i don't think it was me!? last weekend was eventful, i had great plans of going to watch the football, but anya fell off a climbing frame and broke her leg!! so instead of watching the football i was in the hospital. they were great and helped anya and us through it, she is doing really well and there is very little moaning and she just gets on with it. so not only is it our 1st christmas in uganda, it is also our 1st one with a broken leg!! the big cast will be on for another 2 weeks and then a smaller one after that, a spiral fracture for those who know bout these things.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Greetings one and all, a friend has just let me know, we have now had had 1000 hits on the blog!! WOW, i presume that it is good?? thanks for everyone who reads our wandering thoughts and make nice comments!!
Lots of rain at the mo and kampala is an absolute nightmare to get in and out of... so trying to avoid that of we can! no further punctures to report, HOORAY!! Pic is Joel and anya on the swing, thanks ED, the seesaw is no more, sorry to say, fun while it lasted.
at the moment, trying to build/construct a dolls house!!! yes i know, those who know me will now be in shock an d will wonder can it happen, pics to follow as proof, hopefully!!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hi there,
i have returned from up north! had a great time. we were on the new land for new hope uganda, where a childrens centre

specifically for childrfen rescued from LRA will come and stay. we were involved in clearing land, slashing and digging and as you can see from the picture eatring meat!! take my word for it very nice. when i have other pics will put them on. it was an 8 hour drive on a variety of roads, but i have now found the best road in kampala!! 100 kms of perfect tarmac, not a pot hole in sight!! certainly makes driving easier when you don't have to avoid craters in the road!!

all say hi here......