Wednesday, March 24, 2010 days

This week has been exciting for Joel and Anya as after much thought and discussion they have started to go to the primary school here at New Hope, they were very excited over the weekend getting books and pens ready and on Monday headed off @ 7:20 am for assembly at 7:30am!! This will be a great way to intearact with more Ugandans and develop new friendships and to experience another aspect of Ugandan life. They won't be doing all the subjects and Kathryn will still be teaching them some. They have already enjoyed the fun of being back in a classroom and actually going to school. On Joels first day he had a test!!
We have been so proud of them and their attitude as they face this challenge and new experience...One no
te, Joel bought back some maths questions and asked yours truly for help, as i confidently wandered up to the table only to find i couldn't help as i had no idea!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow White it's been so long since any post or what so ever...i thought i should really try and impress anybody who is still reading our ramblings...well it all happened without any effort on my was all very exciting, at the beginning of the week there was a rumour that the president was coming to Kiwoko, our local town, but more than that he was going to land his helicopter on new hope land!! as the day got nearer the excitement built and much cleaning and slashing of grass went on... he was going to land in our football field on the mian thursday afternoon went on we waited and waited and waited...finally the helicopter appeared and i have to confess we were all very excited..and so we ran to the field, the helicopter circled and circled until it decided to land in our football field (field!) at our secondary school, so a mad dash started...1stly the presidents guards/army in their cars sped off, with one falling out the back of the pick up as it hit a bump, he sheepisly returned to his seat. As we arrived where the helicopter landed, the president exited it and welcomed people over... of course we ran over like excited kids....Anya and i stood near the car, now i should mention that Anya was dressed in a snow white dress? as the president walked by he spotted Anya and came over and shook her hand and then of course as i was the Dad he shook mine!! It was all very exciting! Later on we returned to watch him take was very exciting!!