Thursday, March 21, 2013


old garage
lounge/meeting room
 .when building, i think faith is that amongst the mess and chaos, it will all turn out ok and be what you wanted.  Last Year we moved to kampala with the Investment Year to increase the opportunities and experiences for our students...The house we will be moving too is a long term home for Investment Year in Kampala and thoughthe house we have been in has served us well, this house will be so much better as it has more space for our family and the IY students...we are hoping to move 12th April weekend......have faith, that though the pictures don't suggest that's never know.....
Dining room
 ..We have a guest room so visitors always welcome..



Friday, March 01, 2013

school fun

This term in school PE has been trampolining skills - a lot of fun if a bit hair raising with so much concrete around to avoid!  Anonze and Anenda practice their jumps and seat drops whilst Silas shamelessly aims to be awesome ...

what a cutie

We had visitors last week - the couple who oversee the New Hope baby home, and they came with the newest little guy there - Moses.  Anya was in heaven! - but pray for this little man ...his dad is not yet very interested in looking after him, his mum has recently died and he is just out of the incubator.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Investment Year 2013


..Well we are off and running with our biggest Investment Year group ever! 38 students have started and I know will finish...
..we started in January and after our first month all the students have successfully survived the first weeks of training and living together as a group with our family in a very small space.

 ..The students are all on their first internships, including working in schools, garages, clinics, construction sites, working with babies and children with special needs, etc..
all are being stretched and challenged as well as developing and discovering skills and character..
    games and food, a big part of being an IY student