Monday, August 28, 2006


Well hello there, today i have found out that my dell computer is one of those which is at risk of the battery exploding or at least catching fire!! i always thought it got a bit hot!! so hopefully no explosions until the new battery arrives!! the day draws nearer for arrival of the car, another week or so, hopefully, i have another tough question, no-one by the way answered the one about flies!! does a male kangaroo have a pouch?? if so what for?? prizes may be awarded.
thanks for all the positive blog thougts we will keep on trying to keep
updated. bye for now
"the browns"

Friday, August 11, 2006


we are just about to enter another weekend which means being off line for a couple of days, so why not blog.... lots of rain at the moment as the rains seem to have come a month early which is making everyone work really hard, ploughing, clearing and planting all at the same time!! my lettuce are doing well but did plant the whole packet of seeds so an abundance of lettuce we now have!! we have started buying a car!! we've put some money down but now the paper work takes over so may still be a few weeks, a picture will appear when it does!!
this weekend we are celebrating with calvary family and eating goat? anyone had it.... is very nice but can be a bit chewy!! depending what bit you have on your plate!!

so what is the film "cars" like.. reviews would be good, thanks.. and other movies i need to know about..
bye for now