Sunday, January 16, 2011

I.Y. 2011 day 1

January 11th 2011, a very special day for 2 reasons. Number 1, it was my lovely wifes birthday and we had a great day. Number 2 it was day 1 of Investment Year 2011. We are very excited tio see what will happen this year with this group and what God will do in each individual life. This is our 6th investment year and one of the great things is that each year is very different. The 16 young people embarking on the year are Joel, Wilson, James, Babirye, Fiona, Mitala, Nuulu, Emma, Joshua, Anei, Perez, Silver, Cathie, Willy, Zamzam. (see the video to see them:

Monday, January 03, 2011

Investment Year 2010 in a nutshell

2011 is now upon us and before we put 2010 to bed, i thought i would take a moment to look back at Investment Year 2010. Thanks to Jennie for the summary as a lot of the words are hers, thanks!

Here is the “IY 2010 Year in Review” –


- Each of our 17 IY students read through the entire Bible and read a minimum of 8 books (many read more)! (Together, they read a total of192 books, not including the Bible-which means 192 book reports were turned in as well!)

Internships at the various New Hope Uganda sites:

- in accounts, construction, community relations, remedial tutoring, guest house, primary school, secondary school, Early Adulthood, special needs program, childcare/extension, and the clinic

Internships outside New Hope:

- worked with street kids and refugees in Mbarara; worked with special needs children in Guludene and Mengo; worked in a babies home and in a malnutrition rehabilitation center in Entebbe, a Christian school in Kampala, the clinic of one of Uganda’s leading doctors, and in the Kiwoko hospital laboratory, out-patients department, and electrical department

Other accomplishments and activities:

- served as interpreters for American lawyers at a remand home in Kampala

- started a coffee business and took over the running of and purchasing for the Kasana Children’s Centre gift shop

- business etiquette training and a business dinner

- The 8 boys helped run 2 camps for former street boys at Musana Camps

- Each IY either ran their own small businesses or made investments in various things to help with the costs of their further education

Each 2010 IY received training in:

- Personal financial management (through completing the 10-week Crown Financial course)

- Authority of Scripture

- Biblical exegesis and hermeneutics

- World view

- Courtship, Marriage, and family,

- What is salvation?- debates and biblical reasoning/discussion

- Church history/chronology of Scripture

- Entropy and stewardship

- Business etiquette and skills

- Public speaking

- Basic computer skills

- Basic photography

Unique to this year:

- This was our first year to have a reading list- we joke that each year gets harder and harder… Now that we know what they’re capable of, next year’s students will be required to read a minimum of 13 books and the Bible!

- We went to Kampala for a “Know Your Capital Day”- a day learning their way around the big city

- Girls’ week- a time of discipleship and fun and “mother-daughter” time with IY girls and the IY women staff members

- We spent time in “listening prayer” each morning we were together- learning to listen to God’s “still small voice” through His Spirit and His Word

- This was the first IY group to keep up with Bible reading throughout the year!

- We wrapped up the year with a Father Heart Retreat at Musana Camps

- T

In closing

As I looked over what God had done and what each of our IY’s had accomplished this year, my heart was full. But, more than the accomplishments and training was how the Lord knit our hearts together with the students this year.

The great thing about IY is that its not just the young people who are challenged, changed, impacted. This year has been so good for me to, as i have really started to see and understand what it means to be a father to our children, my 3 children (Joel, Anya and Silas) but also my IY children! They have taught me much and i am so grateful. Being a dad to 17 teenagers has been a challenge but so much fun.

IY 2010 was great and we look forward to IY 2011...and i will try and keep you upto date much better

..Happy New Year & Reunions

Reunions! Don’t you love them? The thought of a school, work get together after many years fills some of us with dread, especially if there are photos of what we used to look like or enjoy wearing! But let me tell you about a fantastic reunion…..

As the 17 students, 5 staff and my 3 kids headed to Musana camp, after completing their last work placement and being apart for 12 weeks we were excited to all be together again with the opportunity to spend the week together. Our focus for the week was to experience God as our father. It was a great week as for many of our children, for the first time, they started to face the pain and hurt of the loss of their fathers in their lives and to recognise the impact that has had on their lives and on how that has affected how they relate to God as a father. We all recognised that even if you have had a great father, he is human and will make mistakes and cause hurt and pain, the only father who is perfect and will never let us down is God our father. It was a great week and we really appreciated their honesty and vulnerability and it was a privilege to part of the healing process!

That’s how we finished the year and what a way to do it! Now that’s my kind of reunion. (can’t wait to the next one!!) Happy New Year!