Thursday, May 24, 2012

IY training reunited.

The Investment Year students have had a fun time reuniting with their peers over the last few days..  We have had the group of 31 here in the house again for 3 days of mid-placement training .... 

...relaxing .. 
..and plenty of cooking and eating ... 
We had a good few days with some great visiting guests - two different advisors to President Museveni, who have both got very interesting stories and had a lot to say to our young people...

Trampoline fun.

Getting a trampoline as a christmas present has been a lot of fun - but it all started with a lot of hard work and sweat... 
We had to bring in extra muscle to get it all strung together .. 

Some of us lost interest and decided to play with the box instead! 
...but then the fun started ... 

...and continued ...! 


Ugnadan snacks!

This is kasava - one of the  many starch filled root vegetables you can
get in Uganda.  It makes superb chips though so we are happy!

...and it goes down well with ice lollies too!

Monday, May 14, 2012

school pics

..maths, reading, parachute launching, PE, and 'special serving - a fun school week ...

Silas is enjoying his new school chums..

school days..

Well Silas' school has tripled in size over the last couple of weeks as we have been joined by two boys - Anonze and Anenda.  They are twins aged 4 and a half and certainly add a certain spice to each school day.  Silas is really pleased to have someone to actually play with when it comes to break time (!) and the IY's here have given him the role of head boy as he is the oldest and longest serving member of the school!  Steve continues to be head teacher and trips co-ordinator - he will kick in this week taking the three of them on a trip to the airport!