Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Well we are finally beginning to get a few definite plans - we seem to have a leaving date though the tickets are not yet booked. We will leave from Heathrow on Friday 16th June. We wont get to Uganda until the 22nd June because we are Kathryns youngest sisters wedding wihich is happening on the 19th in Kenya!
At the moment we are just working on building up our support team - people who will want to partner with us by giving, praying and encouraging..... so ..... thank you to those of you who have responded to us about this - we are just in the process of putting together a little booklet so that we can show you a bit more detail about the project at Kasana and then you'll know what you are getting involved in!

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Julie P said...

Regarding plans to come - or people to come. Hannah and Sarah will need to submit a contact telephone nmber in uganda in order to get a visa. Do you have one yet?

Love julie