Sunday, April 09, 2006


We've had a great weekend for getting rid of stuff. Jee has moved into his new houswe and taken half of ours with him. Useful, if not a bit disconcerting having no dining room table and chairs any more!

Emmanuel nursery did a sponsored water carry for 'Anyas family'. Involved a lot of adults getting very wet - but really encouraging for us.

We hope that the 29th is in your diary for the fundraiser - the raffle prizes are worth coming for : half a days labour by a friendly builder, free MOT, £50 M&S hamper, nail manicure worth £25 - wow - can it get better?!


Andy Carlier said...

Just having a look. Nice to see you embracing the web. Keeps me in a job.

Kathryn said...

we do try and keep people happy and in work!