Monday, August 28, 2006


Well hello there, today i have found out that my dell computer is one of those which is at risk of the battery exploding or at least catching fire!! i always thought it got a bit hot!! so hopefully no explosions until the new battery arrives!! the day draws nearer for arrival of the car, another week or so, hopefully, i have another tough question, no-one by the way answered the one about flies!! does a male kangaroo have a pouch?? if so what for?? prizes may be awarded.
thanks for all the positive blog thougts we will keep on trying to keep
updated. bye for now
"the browns"


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Geoff&Margo, we have not forgotten you. Re. "flies" I thought the answer was that as with wasps, thorns etc they had a holy function before the fall which has become hidden because of our sin. They will be present in the restored Earth but like us they will be renewed and not a problem. I hesitated to suggest this as it leaves you to put it in suitable language. (if this sounds a bit like a JW type answer I have not gone off the rails, honest!)
With prayers
Geoff Hollman
ps no info on kangaroos but they do pull Santa,s sleigh according to Rolf Harris cf "Six White Boomers" They would need somewhere to stow their tucker

Granny said...

I guess Joel is the one with all in the questions. So Joel here is your answer as to whether male kangaroos have pouches. The answer is: No. There is no male marsupial of any species that has a pouch. Not too sure about the flies though!! Lots of love

Miller Family Blog said...

My word, Joel has shrunk!

Anonymous said...

Hi just got your bloggy thing from kat so thought I'd give it a go good innit. The pics are great looking forward to seeing more. I expect male kangaroos are like men they use their wifes handbag. Lots of love The Ruddy's

Mr Carlier said...

I've always advised people to buy Dell. Still Apple have the same problem so it's not all bad. As a full-time dad I was hoping that the male kangaroo had a pouch so I could rant about shared parenting, but no, I am obviously defying the laws of nature. Tried to find your place on Google Earth without success. Any ideas?