Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ugandan barbie...

The other night we had a "camp fire" in our garden, where we roasted pork on sticks, very nice, some were a little over done!! but it was a barbie so black on the outside and pink in the middle is what you expect!! then for pudding we demonstrated the culinary delight of toasted marshmallows!! a mixed response would be safe to say!! great fire though.
puncture no.7!! yesterday, so new tyres for us i think!
lots of rain today so we've had great fun making mud pies, great fun and i trhink anya is an expert!!



Anonymous said...

Hello Steve, Kathryn, Joel and Anya, this is Jee. I found your blog, which was linked from the Coopers' blog. I hope all of you are well. I will try and answer your question about flies. In the wild, when a prey gets caught (e.g. lion catches a giraffe), the lion will first eat followed by the lioness and the cubs. Then the vultures come to devour the flesh and possibly followed by the rodents. I am now coming to the my point: the flies then come and consume everything leaving the bones behind for the maggots. So all animal serves their purpose under God's creation.

Kathryn said...

thanks jee, as always, such wisdom