Thursday, January 25, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Sorry to break in to the browns blog, but this is just a quick admin post for all you readers out there! No doubt many of you phone abroad and more relevantly some may even phone the Browns! We have been using TeleDiscount which is pretty good. But today i got a link through to a site that will find the cheapest of the many sites out there that do cheap international calling so I decided to pass on the information. For example, telediscount calls from UK landline to Uganda mobile was 8p per minute, and this website showed one that was 5p per minute.

So check out:

Money Saving Expert Call Checker

If you, like me, are on NTL you may want to check that the quoted prices are the same as they are one BT. You can do that by looking up the Non-geographic number definitions here and then cross checking with the tariff guide for that classification here.

And that is the end of this public service announcement!

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