Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi everyone, busy week here, with a youth week with the P7's. it's been quite a laugh and as you see lots of silly games!! don't know who has enjoyed them most, me or the young people!! the game they are playing was a relay we thought up with as many bizarre items they have to carry as possible!!??
i hear there is snow in the uk, thanks to those who sent the pics, here it is hot and once again i got sun burnt!!, will i ever learn to put on sun tan lotion?? well that's what kathryn keeps asking.


Rosie said...

Looks like fun! The snow is almost gone here but I am going to Estonia in a couple of weeks where it might be very snowy! Lots of love. xx

Kat said...

It looking fab there i just wanted to say it is 7 weeks tomorrow till i will be there with you which we are all terribly excited about!!!
LOADS of Love
P.S can we have more pics of the kids on the blog PLEASE!! Missin you all loads!!!!