Tuesday, March 27, 2007

....how can you tell..

Hi there, sorry about this but we are back on the chameleon theme.... how do you know which one is male or female?? answers gladly received!! we now have 2 in our ivy bush thing? so maybe baby chameleons to come?? question? how do chameleons have babies?? some say they explode out females stomach and wander off? any ideas??
here is a picture for those concerned about the lack of pictures of anya!! wse have had afew days at the pool, very nice and incredibly hot, and yes you guessed it, sunburn followed!! surely though it's all worth it for a tan?? or is that just me.


Anonymous said...

nice to see a photo of anya having fun at the pool.we hope you all had agood time at the pool.love the cummins family

Jo Dunbar said...

attempt 2 at leaving a comment... maybe it's the same way as dinosaurs, which leads to another unforgettable topic!!!