Sunday, October 14, 2007

.....they think it's all over...

..Well i made it, (just!!), when we woke the sun was already up and out and hot and so when the run started at 8am, it was already warm. The run started at the pace of a sprint but Isaac and i managed to go nice and least the start was enjoyable but the rest, confirmed to me once again why i don't like running, just hurts too much! Issac stayed with me up to about 12 kms and then i let him run on as he is only 16 and i think i was too slow for him but i so appreciated his support...the last few kms were tough with some horrible hills (survived by walking them!) the joy/satisfaction/relief to see the finish line , indescribable!!
Later there was a satisfaction of finishing...would i do it again???.....well i am thinking of the doing the Kampala 10Km...must be mad, obviously a sucker for punishment!!
It was all worth it in the end as i had trifle for dinner!!


Anonymous said...

Hey it's Kat! Congratulations Steve on finishing!!! I am very impressed from a fellow hater of running i doubt i could have done it!! Hope you guys are all ok! Say hi to the babies and everyone for me! Love you guys loads ... missing you tons!! Love Kat xxxx

Anonymous said...

well done Steve! Triffle must have made it all worth it.
luv the Ruddy's