Sunday, November 25, 2007

stuck in the mud

The last couple of days, we have had loads of rain, so everywhere is wet and muddy and some of the roads are difficult to pass. Tonight we were out and getting there was tricky so we thought we would come back another(safer!) way, well it all started very well and no problems....until we hit a straight bit of road, and then we gracefully slid in to a ditch, with our front tyres nicely was 8pm and so dark and no street lights in the bush!! the night sky was impressive though! as we waited for dave to come and help, another friend who was passing also helpp
ed push us out, it did give all the locals a good laugh..we decided it would be better if kathyrn drove the rest of the way home!!


Mark said...

oh man! i wish i had been there!! sounds hilarious! and all Steve's fault too! ;o)

So Steve, have you decided what you are doing for your fortieth birthday yet?

Britton Family said...

Sorry for you!!! Just wish I could have been there to come help get you out :)Miss you, Geoff