Sunday, July 27, 2008

...passport fun

passports are wonderful things, but sometimes boy the effort!!! the last few (6-8 months) has been the process of getting Silas a passport, he still needs a Ugandan one. Before you put an application in, you need signatures and letters from so many people (LC 1, 2, 3. Police(special that the Sweeney?, probation etc...but before we could proceed we needed the court order..finally after 2 months that came through, and off we confidently went to the passport office, knowing we had everything we need......until we got there and were told we had 1 letter missing from a commissioner!!!! he wasn't in the office...over the last 2 weeks we have spent a lot of time in kampala and the passport office, kathryn went in for a day and ended up spending 2 nights....during this time she spent a lot of time waiting, waiting and......waiting until she was told they had lost the can imagine our thoughts....but with some help we managed to get a passport (HOORAY!!!!) kathryn even ended up in the strong room where they make now his new passport is in the visa office, and should take 3-15 wor
king days to process, hopefully not 15 as we plan to leave on 7 th August??!!

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