Wednesday, August 06, 2008 we go

..well after months and months of trying to sort out different types of paperwork and collecting a variety of signatures, we finally have all the relevant paperwork for Silas, so we can now travel...we received the visa on Tuesday morning to great celebration and noise..think the people passing the car wondered what was happening and what all the noise was about.
So we leave here on Thursday (7th) and we are all very excited about it....the last 6 months has certainly been a trial and test of patience which we haven't always passed!!
the blog will continue over our time in UK, (hopefully) so don't go away..what are we looking forward to....nice cheese, friends, real ale, washing machines, friends, hot baths/hot water, friends, cricket on the tv, the cold(only joking!!), friends, etc...
see you soon

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