Thursday, November 06, 2008


..well after 12 weeks of lots of food, friends, excitement, good roads, etc we are back in sunny and hot Uganda...the last 3 months has been a ball, and thanks to all who fed and watered us, it was so cool to catch up with so many people. Joel and Anya loved being back at Emmanuel school, thanks to all the team there..
we all have lots of great memories from our time in UK, freezing cold water at the beach, fish and chips, weddings (brother), real ale, REM, ccd youth, FRIENDS, lots and lots of gr8 food and company, westfield centre in Derby, driving a volvo!school assemblies/lessons, silas loving baked beans and sausage and beans in a tin, McDonalds, etc....
Now we are back in some ways its like we have never been away...since we were away our wing mirrors were stolen, so driving once again in Kampala has been fun especially with the extra challenge of no mirrors!! Also all our wires in the drivers door were cut!! and that means we can't open the windows.....(the A/C doesn't work as well!) so lots of sweating in traffic !!(i still think that is preferable to being cold....just!).
Back to New Hope tomorrow, think we are ready...are they??


turi said...

Hello, mi chiamo Turi sono italiano, complimenti per il tuo blog davvero interessante e pieno di contenuti, vienimi a trovare nel mio blog e lasciami un commento, Thank you.

Kirsty said...

Hi, It was great seeing you sll again. Felt like you had never been away! Hope you settle in back there quickly. Jamie sends lots of love to Joel. "Missing him already!"