Tuesday, May 12, 2009


...Computers don't you love them?.....they can be the best but when they won't do what they are told they can soon become very frustrating..2 weeks ago a team came to make the wireless internet system here better, unfortunately it seemd to suddenly become a whole lot worse and i have not been able to get anywhere near connected for 2 weeks...i am now sitting under the wireless tower and still struggling for it to get connected!!
but i really shouldn't compain as a few years ago you had to go at least 12 miles to make/receive phone calls...so the frustration is all relative

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Robin said...

Miss you guys!!!! Saw a pic of Silas on Courtney's FB page. He's getting so big!! Can't wait til we're close enough to be able to TEXT instead of relying on the internet!!! 3 more months!!!