Sunday, September 27, 2009 trip

do you remember school trips? i can remember one when i was in primary school!! we went to the natural history museum, it was so cool going on a bus and then seeing the dinosaus and the blue whale....what a memory.

This week, before Joel starts year 6 and Anya year 3 ,
we did a Uganda history day, we went to the museum, the independence and commonwealth monuments and finally the kasubi tombs (burial places of the last 4 Kabaka's, kings of Buganda) was a fun day whi
ch of course also included ice cream!! Joel just said he's favourite bit was the museum and Anya liked the traditional houses at the museum, i liked the tombs...they even had a stuffed leopard which had a pet to one of the kings!! of the kings had 84 wives!!...leave you to make any comments, wise cracks!!....
What is scary is that Joel is no to
his last year of primary!!


Robin said...

How fun!!! LOVE the look on Si's face (and the fact that his shoes are on backwards!!!) :-)

Mark said...

looks like anya is in the middle of a proper conversation!! Very cute!