Wednesday, March 24, 2010 days

This week has been exciting for Joel and Anya as after much thought and discussion they have started to go to the primary school here at New Hope, they were very excited over the weekend getting books and pens ready and on Monday headed off @ 7:20 am for assembly at 7:30am!! This will be a great way to intearact with more Ugandans and develop new friendships and to experience another aspect of Ugandan life. They won't be doing all the subjects and Kathryn will still be teaching them some. They have already enjoyed the fun of being back in a classroom and actually going to school. On Joels first day he had a test!!
We have been so proud of them and their attitude as they face this challenge and new experience...One no
te, Joel bought back some maths questions and asked yours truly for help, as i confidently wandered up to the table only to find i couldn't help as i had no idea!!

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