Monday, January 03, 2011

..Happy New Year & Reunions

Reunions! Don’t you love them? The thought of a school, work get together after many years fills some of us with dread, especially if there are photos of what we used to look like or enjoy wearing! But let me tell you about a fantastic reunion…..

As the 17 students, 5 staff and my 3 kids headed to Musana camp, after completing their last work placement and being apart for 12 weeks we were excited to all be together again with the opportunity to spend the week together. Our focus for the week was to experience God as our father. It was a great week as for many of our children, for the first time, they started to face the pain and hurt of the loss of their fathers in their lives and to recognise the impact that has had on their lives and on how that has affected how they relate to God as a father. We all recognised that even if you have had a great father, he is human and will make mistakes and cause hurt and pain, the only father who is perfect and will never let us down is God our father. It was a great week and we really appreciated their honesty and vulnerability and it was a privilege to part of the healing process!

That’s how we finished the year and what a way to do it! Now that’s my kind of reunion. (can’t wait to the next one!!) Happy New Year!


nicki brown said...

Great review of the year Steve.So amazing to see all you've been up to.Keep up the blog,it's great to hear what you are all up to.Love you all xx Nicki

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog Steve - very impressive! Hasn't God been good to you all at IY during last year. Look forward to hearing what he does this year! Happy New Year to you all
Love to all, Ma & Pa xxx