Sunday, February 06, 2011

school days

I remember the 1st day of the school year...for me at least filled with dread! Suddenly the holidays didn't seem half long enough. This week after a couple of months of it being very quiet here at Kasana, the sound of school returned and to be honest it was great to see and hear again. We enjoyed seeing the childrens enthusiasm for school and the desire to learn. Joel, Anya and Silas also went to school, Silas was very excited and was quite prepared to go by himself, we did remind him he was 4 years old and at least for the 1st day we would like to escort him to school. They all will do some school at the Kasana School as well as with Kathryn. We were excited to see how keen they were to get back to be with their friends at school. Joel is also working with a distance learning Year 7 package which looked very exciting and the science equipmet was better than what i had school!

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos Steve. My how they have grown! Love M & D xx