Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Investment Year 2012

We have just started the new Investment Year programme. The year always starts with some concentrated training, and this year it will all be taking place here in Kampala, over the next 4 weeks - so - at the moment there are 31 IY students living here with us. They stay from Monday to Friday and go back to New Hope at the weekends, giving the rest of us here a little breather!

Steve heads up the training with Jennie and Jessica (the other two IY staff). We have now made it through the first part of the first week, and here are some pictures all taken on tuesday afternoon .... lots of activity and play on the go...rice sorting, catching up on prescribed reading, playing cards .... Anya is doing her homework, Joel is burning our rubbish and Silas as you can see is getting 'bounced'.

We are sure that the next 4 weeks are going to be a lot of fun, even if a bit tiring. The good thing is that Ugandan teenagers are very good at sharing mattresses on the floor, squashing into small spaces to sleep, and eating very simply ... so the whole thing will not be as stressful or tricky as some of you may be thinking! Having said that your thoughts and prayers are appreciated, that we will have patience for different situations, and time for our own children.

The 4 weeks will cover all sorts of areas like how to journal, writing a CV, seeing God in your own story, world view, how to read/understand the bible, watching reading and listening with a critical mind ...and etc.

These young people have al just finished GCSE's, and most of them are aged 17 - 18. If you read this blog you will be seeing a bit more of most of them as we go through the year.

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