Monday, June 26, 2006


hi everyone, we are here, finally. after touring the uk and coming via mombasa!! we have been here 4 days are starting to settle, it is very different but life will become normal i think. but it's afine place when you can pick up 6 mangoes for 30p, can't be bad, the kids had their first day at home school and seemed to enjoy kathryn did as well!! the kids seem very at home and settling well.
went on my first motorbike taxi today which was fun just a bit dusty when vehicles come the nother way, then negotiated my first shopping trip which seemed to go ok?? think the prices were ok!
we're not on email all the time so these posts won't be daily, lets say!! no snakes spotted yet!!


Mark said...

wow! great photo! trust you settle in well. Lookingf forward to a picture of Steve on a motorbike taxi.

Impressive blogging with photo! keep it up ;o)

maddy said...

Hi joel here is a joke. what do you get when you cross a giraffe and a hedgehog?

let me know your answer

from Reuben

Alan said...

Steve your place looks really great!

Pleased to here everyone is settling in well. Sam sends best wishes to Joel for his Birthday.

The forum site is now online at and there's a section dedicated to those who are overseas. Hopefully it will become a good place to keep in touch with those of us back in Derby.

God Bless

Debbie said...

hi everyone glad you have settled in well. nice place. steve says what you reckon to england playing so far? deb says hi sorry missed you when you left love the brian's

jeanette / andy and children said...

hi there your place looks really nice. we love the picture of joel and anya.happy birthday to joel from all of us.glad you got there the cumminsclan.

Richard & Sandra said...

Hi from sunny Derby, glad to hear you are settling in well. Glad you've not met any snakes yet. We are getting ready to go to Canada on Weds for a month. Sandra & I were on the streets of Derby with the on the move mission, we had a great time, over 3500 burgers were cooked, good reponse, 50 first time
commitments, several healings.

God bless Sandra & Richard