Tuesday, July 04, 2006

hi all, thanks for the comments, nice to know people are reading the blog, at the mo looks like could be updating 0nce maybe twice a week. joel had agreat birthday at weekend and got to play footy pretty much all day, then we watched the england game on a big screen, in the african bush, still same result!! why do we bother even going thro the penalty shoot out!! our freight arrives today?? was meant to be friday but got diverted, who knows where??
life here is becoming normal and certainly getting used to eating beans everday, with pots, chapatis and rice! thankfully the kids love beans.
progress report on our planting for those interested, lettuce and garlic have appeared, COME ON, we are very excited.
the picture is joel sharing his birthday cake with the family group nearest to us.
Question for discussion asked by Joel, "why did God create flies?? answers would be much appreciated, thanks


wyn n helen said...

Hi there u'oll,
This is u'r Welsh connection.It's good to hear that u guys have settled in, a little bit hotter than the England vs Portugal match, hey, there's always 4 years time..... hey... garlic and beans.. wow! what a combination!
wyn, helen and the boys joel & timothy

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic week. Hey the blog looks great, we'll have to get one!Hope the cookies tasted good.Love E

Wendy said...

Great to see your pictures, glad you all seem to be settling well.
this will be a great tool to keep in touch by.
Elliot had his birthday today and all the children blessed him with loads of chocolate ( cakes etc.)
It's been great having Fran living with us can't wait until he is here for good.
Still only another week to go.
Thanks for email I'm excited already.
Love and God bless you all.
W,G,and F.

jeanette said...

hi there all of you . ilike the picture you look like the weather is suiting you all.we are glad joel had a great birthday.usuall chaos in the cummins household as it is nearly the end of term. god bless love the cummins clan.

Rach said...

Just thought I'd check in and see what you're all up to! Love the photos - more please - it really helps to get a sense of where you're at.
We're thinking of you and send our love, as ever.

Anonymous said...

Look out for stuff on your E-mails, I do not know if this will work. God bless, keep and sustain you

Karina Martin said...

Used the blog - fab. we love you! You look great in Uganda!

Karina xx

The Luffs said...

Just found your blog. It's great. Robin's answer to why did God make flies - Don't know but at least he got a buzz out of it - ha ha (be greatful - they come a lot worse than that!!)

love fi, robin, steffan, weni & ben

einir said...

finally...i, einir have got onto the blog!!! wow!!! great to see the photos. we love you and miss you very, very, very, very, very, very ,very, very, very, very MUCH!!!! i'm sure you get the message!?!
love, ein

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kat and I saw Hannah and Sarah off today. They should be on their way by now. Love the blog and hope to see more photos when the camera arrives!!
Love Gailxx

jeanette said...

hi there we hope you are all ok.we said good bye to ben and gemma a few weeks ago.we are having a great summer holiday.miss you lots.well done for growing your own lettuce iam well impressed.we are all ok here.bye for now lovefrom the cummins clan.