Friday, September 08, 2006


well here we are again, life is sweet, we had a few email problems but we are bac on line1 hooray, thanks for all the help from mark and jon in the uk!! joel has found a new chameleon, which is very exciting and is now our new pet, well it's alittle different from a fish or cat? here they are cooking cassava chips, very nice, well at least they are better cooked than raw!
time to go off and play footy, bye for now.....
ugandan wedding tomorrow (9th) which should be good fun, and the girls in the family group are all very excited as they are bridesmaids so can have their hair done etc... relaxed african hair is amasing( thought for the day)


dom said...

hi i go noel baker now thers hard work i think male kangaroos dont have poches cos usuly the female carry the baby cos the male protects it.from dom ruddy

Anonymous said...

Are cassava chips like yam chips? We understand they're good dipped in mashed pilchards !**! lots of love from the Luffs

Anonymous said...

Anya and Joel look as though they like them?
Makes a change from rice and beans- or lettuce!
Lots of love, the Davies