Thursday, September 14, 2006

cats and dogs

Have you ever felt like cat or dog ? or wondered what they think or what their life is like?? well as a family we have had a little "taste" of their life!! As the picture shows we have just had de worming, yes that's right, de worming pills!! thought only cats/dogs had them. it's something you take every few months out here!! as someone said the consequences of not taking them are just not worth it!! (will leave that to your imagination!!) the pills tasted like chalk and we had to take 5 each!!! other than that all well here and in kampala for the weekend.
bye for now

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TheGDavies said...

Try again, Jeanne- Anya and Joel look as though they like them! Makes a change from rice and beans- or lettuce!
Lots of love from the Davies