Monday, December 04, 2006

Hi there,
i have returned from up north! had a great time. we were on the new land for new hope uganda, where a childrens centre

specifically for childrfen rescued from LRA will come and stay. we were involved in clearing land, slashing and digging and as you can see from the picture eatring meat!! take my word for it very nice. when i have other pics will put them on. it was an 8 hour drive on a variety of roads, but i have now found the best road in kampala!! 100 kms of perfect tarmac, not a pot hole in sight!! certainly makes driving easier when you don't have to avoid craters in the road!!

all say hi here......


rosie said...

What is the LRA? Also, what sort of meat was it, as in what animal?! Ed showed us the notice you sent us on Friday, made me miss you more. Love Rosie x

Kathryn said...

meat was pork.. Lords resistence army (lra) how are you doing?