Friday, December 22, 2006

happy christmas

Happy Christmas, from Uganda!! here it is either hot or wet!! but as you can see from the picture, we are staying true to a few english traditions! Anya has now got her 3rd plaster on, as the other 2 either went soft or started to fall apart? thge doctor did say it wasn't our fault !! i'm choosing to believe him!!
the christmas tree is huge as you can see, any guesses on it's size?? hope you all have a great christmas and tremendous new year!!


jeanette said...

hithere'love the tree .sorry anya has broken her leg.but glad she is coping ok' with it.happy christmas from the cummins family.

Cooper News said...

Happy Christmas Browns, lots of love from the Coops!

Rosie said...

I hope your Christmas is wonderful and Anya recovers quickly!

Love, Rosie x

Richard & Sandra said...

left it too late to send a card,God bless and have a great Christmas, hope this plaster works and leg soon mends,

Love Sandra & Richard

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
Hope Anya's third plaster will behave it's self and stay dry. We are so looking forward to seeing you all . Not long now. Did you get my email telling you the dates.We have had our first injections, second round on the fourth of Jan. We have been told we can apply for a visa on the plane out is that so do you know?
Hope your Christmas was a happy one. May God bless your New Year. Let us know what you want us to bring out when we come.
Glenn and Wendy