Thursday, March 03, 2011

just for girls!

Kathryn went with a Ugandan friend to a shcool that has become infomally linked with the girls in youth at CCD who have been giving to 'pads and pants'.
You can see the girls proudly holding up their new packs of reusable pads that can be purchased in Uganda and that should last them for one year.
Girls here often miss schooling each month because they cannot afford pads or other sanitary items, so they stay at home to avoid any embarassment. We have worked with Jessica, a good Ugandan friend of ours who has done the leg work in locating reusable pads, made the necessary contacts and then done the explaining and training for the girls themselves.
If you are interested in being involved either talk to Helen Millward in Derby (if you know her!) or just let us know.

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