Monday, March 21, 2011

...worth the wait

For many of us a passport is something which enables us to travel and visit faraway places and we tend to take this little book for granted. But for Silas and for us it has taken to meaning so much more! Over the last few months Silas has asked each time we went into kampala if we were picking his passport and today we could say yes today is the day!
This little booklet is the final step of a journey we started in 2007, though it changes nothing for us because he is our son and no document or booklet changes that, he can confidently show it to others and say "h
ey i am a Brown". It's been a long process but its been more than worthwhile. Today we picked the passport from the High Commission and there was only one thing we could do and that was to celebrate with ice cream!

Silas and all of us are looking forward to returning to UK for a few months on 3rd April and i know Silas is going to be very proud
to show his passport to anybody who asks and maybe people who don't!


Jenny said...

Well done Silas, see you soon!

Kat said...

Hello lovely Browns,
I have just caught up on the last 2 years of your lives!
Very excited to see that you are coming back and I for one will be asking to see Silas' passport!

Love you guys!

Kat xxxxxxxxx

thezsfamily said...

So glad the passport "worked"! :) Silas, we miss you... stay warm!

Auntie "Tourtney"