Tuesday, October 11, 2011

IYs at work

Chapattis for sunday lunch has become a good tradition - the challenge is getting teenagers up early enough to cook enough for 13 of us before leaving for church at 10.!

The Investment year students who are living with us have to do a lot of general work. With no washing machine and no electric iron, clothes washing takes up quite a bit of time at the weekends or spare moments during the week. Everything generally gets ironed to get rid of the mango fly eggs (mango flies like to lay their eggs on damp clothing...the eggs then stay in the clothes and wait for some nice warm skin to burrow in to ..mmmmm - we should say we have never suffered from such choice african bugs!!)

We spend some part of saturday mornings cleaning the house together, everyone has to get involved before being able to choose what to do with the rest of the day. There are 8 teenagers living with us at the moment...or is it us living with them. Things are working well at the moment, and despite the odd confrontation or misunderstanding we are all adjusting to being around each other.

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