Tuesday, October 04, 2011

...school trip

i remember my first school trip, it was a long time ago when i was in primary school and the trip was to the natural history museum in London. Though it was a lifetime ago i still remember it so well, and remains a fantastic memory....Silas has been doing school for the last few weeks and focusing on animals and so a trip to the zoo was needed. Both of us were very excited and so this morning we headed off to Entebbe to the Zoo. We arrived at 10am and had the run of the place, Silas was very keen on seeing Giraffes, and as we headed off towards them, they were the furthest animals away, we got distracted by the monkeys. As we left the monkeys we wandered over to the lions who as normal were sleeping, so we thought!! There is a viewing point which overlooks the lions and as we studied them, i noticed that one of the lionesses was following Silas with her eyes, wherever he went so did her eyes. After quite a while we descended from the viewing platform and went across to the peacocks opposite the lion pen, after a couple of minutes i turned round to see that the lioness had moved and was now creeping and stalking towards Silas!! As we moved back towards her she was obviously taking great interest in Silas, thankfully there was fence between us, though was it thicker enough? I don't think i have been so close to a lion..

The adventures didn't finish there as a young camel also took interest in and decided to chase us!! Zoo's boring......Never!!

This could be a school trip Silas would never forget.....

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Silas had a great school trip! what fun, lions and being chased by camels! lol!!! Eventful and worthwhile trip all around.
lv rae x