Monday, July 30, 2012


An interview is a time of great panic, fear and a time of losing one’s confidence and words. The first time I had an interview was during the beginning of my first internship in investment year at Bugolobi in Kampala with the GOOD AFRICAN COFFEE.   
This time I was tested how confident I was and I did fail the Interview.  After failing I believed I was a failure and thought that was the end of me since we had learned everything about interviews and some of the questions that can be asked and how to answer them. After two days I was surprised to hear that I was still  allowed to  do the internship from that company. 
After the end of the internship, I believe I gained confidence better than I had before. I gained it from talking  to people whom I worked with ,who sometimes teased me yet they where were teaching me how to be confident .I also gained it from uncle Steve who encouraged me on that day when I felt like I was a failure after the interview.

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