Thursday, March 06, 2014

Jan - Mar 2014

It’s the 27th January and our 8th Investment Year is about to start, the students arrive to our location in Kampala. As they arrive I find I have a mixture of feelings from excitement to the year ahead, and all that the students will experience, to feelings of fear due to the responsibility I have to these young people. As I look at them arriving, I quietly whisper thanks to God that the year is dependent on Him and not me and help me to remember that this year.
There are 33 students this year with 11 of them form ‘Good Shepherd Fold’, an organisation near to Jinja. We are very excited to be partnering with them this year and look forward to further partnership in the future.
The first couple of weeks of the IY programme, we are all together to set a foundation for the year ahead, so there were over 40 of us squashed into our house, it certainly makes for cosy community. The benefits are that by all living together, we all get to know each and form an IY community, and I feel very happy with how the young people begin to mix and get to know each other.
The training over these 2 weeks ranges from note taking, world view, authority of Scripture and How to read the Bible, money matters, finding your mission & purpose in life, journalling it is a busy couple of weeks.
By the time you read this the students are experiencing life in their internships and will be there until April 17. 

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