Friday, March 07, 2014


Rainbow School
  • Kathryn half way through her second term and enjoying the job.
  • Joel is off on a survival weekend soon - left to fend for himself with his group of 4 friends.
  • Silas has taken time to feel part of the class but is friendly and enjoys his friends.
  • Anya loves all aspects of school and has a great bunch of friends who hang out together often at the weekends.
  • Steve is Chair of the parents/staff association, which plans a few events through the year

Our family and the IY family. 
  • We have found that each time a new group of students  come there are always some who really relate well to our three children.
  • Making time for being just a family is a constant challenge and we sometimes feel we need to be more creative in figuring out how to make more time for our children.

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