Friday, June 29, 2007 how we laughed!!

..staying on the animal theme, sitting on my vertandah the other day minding my own business, someone asked if they could use my camera...seeing a dead snake, i thought, it would make a good picture. he dropped the snake on to the verandah at which point the seemingly dead snake suddenly became a very much alive snake!! it is safe to say we have never moved so quick...thankfully it was a little wet so the snake struggled for traction!! i asked matter of factlly what type of snake it was,...oh it's only a cobra!!!AAAAHHHH, what are you doing dropping it on our verandah!!! joel and kathryn seemed to enjoy it more than me though and relished getting as close as they could.
ooo how we laughed.....!!


Anonymous said...

Should've got a mongoose for a pet not a pesky cat. Great picture though. Andy C

Rachel said...

scary biscuits...soooo glad I didn't see a snake when we were out there...!!! What did you do with the cobra in the end then?
good picture of live snake!

love Rach H