Monday, June 18, 2007


.. people here think we are a bit crazy!! and we have confirmed it by deciding to have a cat as a pet. The notion of having an animal which is of not much use, other than..(any suggested answers gratefully received!) is a bizarre concept. Our cat called "lola" has been with us for just over a month and fits in well as she is bonkers. she likes to charge around the house in the middle of the night running over beds and up mosquito nets, safe to say i'm more keen on having a cat than Kathryn!!


Anonymous said...

Although in some cultures, cats are considered a delicacy. Probably. How's the work going? We must be about due an annual shareholders report! Andy C.

Mark said...

Now that is crazy!!! A cat? Do you have rats or mice....?

Rachel said...

Oh no not a cat!!! Interesting, our rabbit at nursery is called 'lola'! I hope your lola is settling down and stops running up your mosi nets...can't be fun! Would give me the fright of my I think Hannah P's and kat would certainly vouch for!

Hope all is well, Love n God Bless

Rachel H


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